You will die

One thing is certain: You will die. As I will too. As we will all do one day.

So many things seem to be unsure, seem to be out of our control, but this is really the one certainty we have: We will die.

And out of this certainty arises one advise: Go and love your heart out!

Every freaking day.


“One day baby, we will be old oh baby………” is a nice reminder. But not radical enough. You cannot be certain that you will even get there to the olden golden days.

Maybe there are thirty years left. Maybe in some years. Maybe months. Maybe days. Maybe you will already die tomorrow.

I know, the younger you are, the less you want to hear this. The less you want to face the reality that death can knock on your door at any moment.

And when you have looked him in the eye, this fellow who will reach all of us one day, you come to realize things that you might have grasped in concept before but that are now clearly infront of your eyes.

Like the thing with letting go.

Nowadays they tell us to let go everywhere. In the gym, in church, in yoga class, in coaching vlogs, online universities, in satsang: Just let go. Just drop that shit.

Like bad habits, your unhealthy diet, the illusion you have of who you are. Just drop it. And trust. And let go.

I heard this a thousand times. I understand it a million more. And yet I just came to truly and deeply feel it in the face of death. While watching someone catch his last breath.

And in the face of death, you come to realize that you will loose it all. In just an instant. With that last breath, everything is gone.

Your success, your career, your money, your body. Everything that you now think you are will be gone in an instant. Everything that you struggled for so hard because you were always chasing a better version of yourself. You were always hoping to one day be complete while you were already perfect just the way you are.

Maybe you achieved something really important, like a mindblowing book that people might read decades after your death. Or you have been fortunate enought to be a great soul like Mahatma or Nelson who people might remember maybe as long as this earth will exist.

Maybe. And maybe not.

So, yes, maybe this is common sense, but it sure needs to be said over and over again since people are not living from that truth: In the end it is all about love.

In all of its different forms and facets. Were you truly able to open your heart to who you really are and the people around you? Were you able to truly love now matter how much fear might be in your way? And despite the possibility of not being loved back like you might want to be loved back. Andespite the possibility of getting hurt. Just love. Over and over again.

Show people that you care. Compliment them even this migh feel weir to you. Give without wanting to get. Really be there for others.

Because in the very end knowing that you are love and that you are loved will ease you peacefully into the process of death. Into this peaceful place some people were not able to to achieve in their lifetime, because they were not able to let go.

Let go of all the shoulds in their mind.

And the believe that they have to achieve something in order to be worthy.

And the believe that they are anything less than perfect and divine. And here to enjoy life in all its facets, with all its ups and downs.

But in the end. In the end, we will all get there.


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